Waterberg Bushveld Retreat

"Nestled in the Waterberg Biosphere and overlooking an amazing valley with breath taking views"
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The dark ghosts of the Moonriver Valley…

We breed excellent quality buffalo, from proven East African and Madikwe lines. We sourced and hand-picked our original breeding stock from as many different breeders possible, to ensure great genetic diversity, in the buffalo we breed. We do not compromise quality for anything else. We believe that our animals should be excellent representations of the species and try to select only the exceptional of the species and when they have excellent spread, it is a bonus. We aim to contribute to the overall quality of the species. We breed strong, very healthy and good temperament animals.

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Julius (middle)...Youngster for the future, son of Caesar (left) ,brother of Richie (right) on mother’s side. Large, masculine attitude, spread, bosses, tips and pedigree.


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Mengwere (left), and her latest bull calf (right) 16 months in picture


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Phoebe (left first photo) and her first bull calf Joey(second photo) 7 years in photo, Kris (third photo) 12 months old, latest bullcalf of Phoebe, Phoebe with heifer calf Phibs 24 inch at 1 year 8 months old(fourth photo). Another great heifer from Phoebe, Sarah, 2 years 3months (fifth photo), full sister of Phibs en half-sister of Kris, with Julius in the back ground.