Waterberg Bushveld Retreat

"Nestled in the Waterberg Biosphere and overlooking an amazing valley with breath taking views"

Fauna & Flaura

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Waterberg Bushveld Retreat & Moonriver Mountain Retreat is exactly a place where you can go to be alone, to get away from it all. A safe place of privacy. A place affording peace and quiet. It is remote and serene. It’s nature, wildness and wildlife will leave an indelible imprint on any visitor who loves nature. The nature and scope of this imprint will vary with the responsiveness of each person to being exposed to such natural beauty and diversity of Fauna & Flora. It has an aura of mystery, ambience and contrast. It is also a safe haven for many plant and animal species of which some are endemic to the Waterberg, others red listed and even a newly discovered plant species in the Waterberg.

Waterberg Bushveld Retreat is extremely rich in Fauna and Flora, magnificently representing the greater Waterberg Region. With over 70 tree species and close to 150 bird species listed at Waterberg Bushveld Retreat & Moonriver Mountain Retreat. We have compiled and are still compiling, as new species come to the front, a tree list with the help of Dr Warwick & Michèle Tarboton, as well as a bird list with the help of Cameron Meyer. We have also compiled a basic mammal list, of which you can find all below.

There are however, a few very special items we would like to highlight and present to the visitor, before getting to the lists:


Kalanchoe waterbergensis

A recently described species, endemic to the Waterberg (see van Jaarsveld, E.J. 2017. Kalanchoe waterbergensis, a new Kalanchoe species from the Waterberg, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Bradleya 2017 (35).)

 Pictures by Dr Warwick Tarboton on Moonriver Mountain Retreat




Freylinia tropica   blue honeybells, Waterberg bellbush  blouheuningklokkies

Red-listed as "rare", it is found in the Waterberg and in the Chimanimani area in Zimbabwe.

Pictures Stephan Visser on Moonriver Mountain Retreat

Blue Honeybells1

Blue Honeybells2



Platysaurus minor    Waterberg Flat Lizard  Waterberg Platakkedis  - Endemic to the Waterberg

Picture Cameron Meyer on Moonriver Mountain Retreat

REP Platysaurus minor Moon River



Smaug breyeri  Waterberg Girdled Lizard  Waterberg Gordelakkedis

Endemic to the Waterberg

 Picture Cameron Meyer on Moonriver Mountain Retreat
REP Smaug breyeri Moon River



Podocarpus latifolius   broad-leaved yellowwood   opregte geelhout

We have a really large speciment that has a trunk circumference at the bottom of 3,2m!
The height still to be determined
Pictures Stephan Visser on Moonriver Mountain Retreat
Yelowwood Trunk



Pronolagus randensis   Jameson's red rock-rabbit   Jameson se rooiklipkonyn

Rarely Encountered, but abundant at Moonriver Mountain Retreat even at the Lodge at night.

Pictures by Dr Warwick Tarboton on Moonriver Mountain Retreat

MAM Jamesons Red Rock Rabbit Moon River Apr2019 J44361


Moonriver Mountain Retreat Bird List1

Moonriver Mountain Retreat Bird List2

Moonriver Mountain Retreat Bird List3